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The CFMC accreditation scheme aims to recognise, raise professionalism, and improve the competencies of FM Companies (FMC), with a focus on those providing facilities management services. SIFMA will administer the accreditation schemes through an Accreditation Panel, a Disciplinary Board and Appeal Committee.

Number of accreditation tiers to be endorsed

  1. Certified Facilities Management Company
  2. Certified Facilities Management Company (Gold)
  3. Certified Facilities Management Company (Goldᴾᴵᵘˢ)

Credentials are valid for 2 years, renewal at same tier will be based on the validity company’s supporting documents. (certificates, etc.)

Applicant will have to reapply for upgrading to a higher tier.

Accreditation Criteria

Supporting Documents required for Application 

  1. Latest Audited Statement of Accounts and ACRA Biz Profile
  2. A copy of BizSAFE certificate or ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001*
  3. A copy of ISO 9001 or ISO 41001 certificate* (with scope of activities being “Facility Management”/"Property Management") 
  4. A copy of Business Continuity Management (BCM) Plan or Singapore Standard (SS) ISO 22301*
  5. A copy of the Company Organization Chart showing names and designation of staff members
  6. A copy of ISO 14001 certificate* (Only applicable for Gold and Goldᴾᴵᵘˢ) (with scope of activities being “Facility Management”/"Property Management") 
  7. A scanned copy of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Collective Agreement (CA) with a union, showing clause(s) on forming a Company Training Committee (CTC) or Individual Development Plan (Only applicable for Gold and Goldᴾᴵᵘˢ)
  8. Document showing employee's enrolment of BCA LEAD Horizon Programme / LEAD Milestone Programme and letter from HR confirming that the certificate holder(s) is/are employee(s) at time of application. (Only applicable for Gold and Goldᴾᴵᵘˢ)

*Note: The expiry for BizSAFE / ISO 45001/ OHSAS 18001/ ISO 9001/ 41001/ SS ISO 22301 must have a validity of more than 6 months from the date of application

Application Fees

  1. Application Fee $100 (only applicable for new application/ re-applying for higher tier)
  2. Accreditation / Renewal Fee - $1000 (SIFMA Member) / $3000 (Non-Member)

Applicant Process

Apply via https://sifma.formstack.com/forms/fmc_accreditation_application_form


All submitted applications are subjected to an interview for evaluation and assessment by the Accreditation Committee. Applicant will need to prepare and submit a deck of presentation slides for topics with (*Slides Required) indicated.

Upcoming Assessment Interview Dates:

 SN  Dates
 21/06  27 October 2021
 21/07  01 November 2021


Email us at contact@sifma.org.sg for further enquiries.


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